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"Fascia does not discriminate, it simply keeps growing and eventually hardening into whatever shapes you make most often with your body. Unfortunately, today that most likely means your body resembles the shape of an office chair."  - Janu Vanier

Kristen Orgera

Certified Rolfer™

For nearly two decades, I have been a proud resident of Durham as my career has taken a winding path that most recently found me in higher education administration at Duke University. During this journey, I also struggled through periods of chronic pain from several injuries and surgeries, and at one point wondered whether the status quo was something I needed to accept as simply a part of life. Having explored all the traditional remedies, I heard about Rolfing and decided to give it a chance. For me, as for many who exhaust other alternatives, this became a life changing decision. Pain - whether from trauma or simply an accumulation of bad habits endemic to modern life - does not have to be something we simply accept. We CAN reshape our patterns, learn to move differently and thereby elevate the way we live. So taken was I by this realization, and by witnessing the impact it had on my own life, that I decided to train to help others overcome pain, or just to feel better as they move through life. I now practice Rolfing full time out of my home.

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